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Welcome to our Senior Speed Dating Event Coordinator website—soon to become our event archive, as well. The producers of the documentary, THE AGE OF LOVE, in support of ‘healthy aging’ groups nationwide, are offering these resources to help bring new attention and social opportunity to America’s booming older population.

Organizers of local senior speed dating events, using their log-in name and password, will visit this site to:

As results accumulate, media and the public will be able to track the progress of our Senior Speed Dating initiative. An interface will display event info and results, local and national coverage, ideas and comments of organizers and participants, along with photos, videos, and other data, allowing everyone to stay informed and involved.

This website is still in development, so expect frequent updates. And please send comments and suggestions to steven (at) theAgeofLoveMovie (dot) com. With thanks for joining a dialogue about older adults’ hearts and desires—a conversation that we hope will spread and grow.

Steven Loring
Producer/Director, THE AGE OF LOVE